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The ANTI Harvest Moon Mary-Sues Community!

Because she really is that great and we're all just jealous.

The HMMS... slaying Sues since 1996!
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Hello, and welcome! Although I'm sure many of you have seen anti Mary-Sue communities, this community only circles around the Harvest Moon Mary-Sues. Here, we put even the worst-written, sexually-related, profanity-ridden stories we can find in the Harvest Moon section of fanfiction.net (or anywhere else on the Internet). We welcome lurkers and anonymice, so feel free to leave a comment or share your opinion. Enjoy your stay!

If you see one of your fanfics listed up here, kindly refer to the very bottom of the page. Thank you, and have a HMSue-free day.


Good question, my friend. A Mary-Sue is often, but not always, a self-insert, created by the writer to make his-or-herself (usually her, but not always) seem perfect and flawless, despite the horrific and tragic past that they usually endure before the fanfic. Sometimes, self-inserts are painfully obvious; other times, not so much. Some Sues are untolerable bitches. Some Mary-Sues even possess special abilities in an otherwise normal world, while some star in pornos. Essentially, every Sue is different.

So maybe, you might be asking yourself, why are these Mary-Sue creatures such horrible things? Well, my dear, dedicated, uninformed reader, I'll tell you. When a Sue happens upon fanficdom, the men become lustful, and the women green-eyed. The characters who happen to interact with said Sue happen upon an abrupt change of character. (A really bad one, I might add.) Things in relationships that normally happen in the span of a few months end up happening in a few days. And it doesn't stop there, my dear reader, oh no. Sometimes, these Sues are so beloved by the fanfic community and the Suethor that the Suethors create Suequels! Awful, isn't it?! (No, I'm not talking about the pun. That was priceless.) But you - yes, you! - can help us put an end to this nonsense. How? By joining our amazing community and exposing these Mary-Sues for what they are, SILLY-HEAD.

So, what are you waiting for? ;]


[1] You MUST respect the members of this community, ESPECIALLY the Sue-Slayers. Do NOT break this rule, or we'll snap off your neck like we would to a Mary-Sue if she actually existed.

[2] In fact, in terms of respect, when updating with a Sue, RESPECT THE WRITERS. You can go ahead and snark on ol' Mary-Sue all you like - that's what this place is for - but you must never attack a writer specifically. If caught in the process, your entry will be removed and we Sue-Slayers have every right to ban your sorry ass off this community.

[3] No spamming. Our community is for posting Mary-Sues, not for advertising your "s3xiiLOLiTA" community. Harris the Mailman, however, would be more than happy to take your ad, though. It's his job.

[4] If you're tired of lurking, or you've found a Mary-Sue fanfic you would like submit, you must join the community. Refer to the very top of the page.

[5] Found a Mary-Sue? Use this form to make your update.

[6] Although it is not required of you, we would like it if you could advertise for our community in your LJ. [CLICK HERE FOR BANNERS.] The more people that help stop the Mary-Sues, and the more people that know about them, the better the world will be.


keira_magdalena: I'm a kind person and easy to get along with. Really. If you have a bone to pick with me, by all means, be respectful. I'm a person with feelings. Kthx.

irishanaryuu: I've been recently elected Undersecretary of Bad Jokes. That is all.


We currently have no sister communities.


TAKE NOTICE: Since you have posted your fanfic on the Internet for display, the members of this community have every right to take it apart, bit by bit. Our purpose is not to attack any of the writers in the process, or even to flame the crap out of your fanfics. If your fanfic has been posted up onto the H.M.M.S. page, it is because your character is a Mary-Sue, no matter how well-written said fanfic is, or how popular it is. (I mean, hey, look at the Twilight series...) The End.
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